More Oil than you ever thought was possible


1. The Magnetic Resonance Detection Tech

Enterprise Tools, Inc. has developed a unique MRD (Magnetic Resonance Detection) technology that pinpoints commercially viable oil, from the earth's surface, prior to performing any well enhancements or drilling. MRI

In June 2012, Harrison was pleased to announce a licensing agreement was secured for access to Buster Bennett's and Enterprise Tools, Inc. MRD technology.

The MRD technology provides Harrison with a unique and competitive advantage in assessing lease valuations and maximizing oil production. This technology is used to conduct highly specialized geological surveys along with 3D seismic and other industry specific surveys.

This unique MRD technology is also able to identify current production of existing and active wells and is able to project potential production increases using the Enterprise Tools production enhancement techniques. In most circumstances, existing oil production can be increased 2–5 times by using the MRD technology to identify and then clear blockages to the well bore and for very reasonable costs. Enterprise Tools' MRD Technology also has the ability to locate the source or origin of the oil, which usually is not located at the existing wellbore and can be located several hundred yards or much further away.

One additional and very distinct advantage to the Enterprise Tools' MRD technology is its ability to determine new drilling locations prior to beginning any new drilling activity has begun. The MRD technology has not been responsible for drilling a dry hole in over five (5) years. The MRD technology also allows Harrison to select and choose from the very best lease opportunities available and provides Harrison with a unique competitive advantage.